Hi! This is Rock Music Forever.

We index Rock and Metal albums.
We find trusted reviews on those albums, make it easy to buy them, find some sample songs of the album if we can. The site is like your local heavy metal music store, where you can see the albums easily and clearly, find out what they are like and buy if you want to. And if we feel very strong about an album we classify it (advice it or warn you about it), otherwise we don’t.

Metal is not dead! Neither is Rock. We, on RockMusicForever.com, will be reminding you of this.

We have a respect corner for the “kings of metal (and rock)”, “Tribute” Bands. Its like the RockMusicForever.com hall of fame. We listened to these bands, we loved almost every album of these bands, but more than both we acknowledge and appreciate the level of contribution of these bands to the rock and metal music.

“Gray” Albums are the albums where nearly every song is good and rocking!

“Dragonforce” Albums are the albums which are metal, yes, but so cheap and cheesy metal that you have to ignore it for your own serenity.

Oh, and also most important of them all, we are trying our best to help our “Featured” Bands. These bands are brave enough to do everything they can to make a contribution to this industry. Without the support of almost any mainstream company and their money-maker tools. They are crazy enough to create music on their own and share it with you for free or for only their expenses. But here we try to publish only the albums from these bands, so that we can pick out the brave ones who are devoted and creative enough to complete an album on their own.

We are very grateful to wonderful Grooveshark for making some songs from the reviewed albums available to listen online.


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