Cephalic Carnage – Misled by Certainty (2010)

Album Review

As evidenced by 2010’s awe-inspiring Misled by Certainty, Edgewater, CO’s self-appointed “Rocky Mountain Hydro Grinders”, Cephalic Carnage, continue to set the extreme metal bar higher and higher with each album they release. Here’s a band that can simply do it all: unimaginably savage grindcore? Check! Hyper-technical death metal displays? Check! Densely cerebral sociological treatises viewed through an apocalyptic sci-fi prism? Check! Cross-pollinating genres metallic and otherwise (jazz, new age, prog, you name it)? Check! Comedy? Lord Jesus, check! Cram it all together and the end results never cease to amaze and amuse; and sometimes confuse, since one can never be entirely sure as to when the “funny strange” songs (“The Incorrigible Flame,” “A King and a Thief”) give way to the “funny ha-ha” tunes (“Abraxas of Filth,” “Raped by an Orb”), and vice-versa. The same schizophrenia (in the best sense of the word, if that’s possible) also separates the ethereal departures undertaken by “Cordyceps Humanis” and “Dimensional Modulation… Read more on allmusic.com

About the Band

This crazy concoction of truly experimental grindcore, death metal, and jazz came together in Denver, CO, in 1992. Founding members Lenzig (vocals) and Zak (guitar) put together a demo entitled Scrape My Lungs in 1993 and then took a break until 1996 when they recruited John (drums), Steve (guitar), and Doug (bass). Soon after their reformation they released a second demo, Fortuitous Oddity, and then hit the road on a self-financed tour across the U.S. in 1997. It was during this tour that the band’s intense live performances began to establish their reputation as an event not to be missed. In 1998 they caught the attention of the Italian label Headfucker Records, who released Cephalic Carnage’s debut album Conforming to Abnormality. After this release, bassist… Read more on allmusic.com


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