Dawn of Destiny – Praying to the World (2012)

Album Review

Praying to the World is the fourth album released by German band Dawn of Destiny The album received generally positive reviews from review sites around the web such as metal-temple.com with a 5/5 rating concluding that “DAWN OF DESTINY did put down an awesome album with skilled players in a tight teamwork spirit. The bass, drum, guitar and keyboard players are able to create different spheres perfectly, but so does the vocalists on this album. Just love the way DAWN OF DESTINY combines different kind of vocals beautifully together on their album ‘Praying To The World’. They combined clear high and low vocals with easy to follow growling and grunts, able to touch much more… Read more on wikipedia.org

About the Band

Dawn Of Destiny was founded in Bochum, Germany in the end of 2005. The band consists of Jeanette Scherff (Vocals), Veith Offenbächer (Guitar), Jens Faber (Bass), Dirk Raczkiewicz (Keyboard) and Boris Frenkel (Drums).

The band has toured on several gigs with Sabaton, Custard or Tankard. After many negotiations with labels, the band decided to sign with Shark Records. The record deal enabled the band to release their debut album …Begins, they had already recorded in 2006. It received a warm welcome by both the international press… Read more on wikipedia.org


Sample Title/Composer Performer Time
1 My Life Lies in Ruins Dawn Of Destiny 0:57
2 The Right Path Dawn Of Destiny 2:25
3 Miracles Dawn Of Destiny 2:48
4 Place of Mercy Dawn Of Destiny 1:19
5 Misunderstood Dawn Of Destiny 2:11
6 Promised Land Dawn Of Destiny 3:10
7 Another Plain Dawn Of Destiny 1:14
8 My Four Walls Dawn Of Destiny 2:22
9 Beast Human Dawn Of Destiny 3:01
10 Bleeding Me Dawn Of Destiny 2:30
11 One Last Word Dawn Of Destiny 1:48
12 This Aching Heart Dawn Of Destiny 2:24
13 Praying to the World Dawn Of Destiny 3:09