Drudkh – Handful of Stars (2010)

Album Review

If ever a band was in danger of overstaying its welcome, that band was the Ukraine’s Drudkh, whose no-tour, no-press, no-bathroom-breaks philosophy has seen them cramming all of eight albums and two EPs into an eight-year recording career — and that’s not even counting a multitude of side projects (Astrofaes, Blood of Kingu, Dark Ages, Hate Forest, Kladovest) used to while their time away whenever the cleaning staff finally managed to kick them out of the studio. Good grief, guys! But of course Drudkh’s saving grace was always having enough talent and creativity to justify their workaholic ways…until now. For you see, 2010’s Handful of Stars is that career crossroads of an album, foreshadowed long ago by veteran heavy metal pundits and… Read more on allmusic.com

About the Band

Maintaining a certain sense of mystery in black metal is hardly a novel idea, but even the Ukraine’s Drudkh (Sanskrit for “wood”) take it to a somewhat more puzzling extreme, not printing lyrics in a majority of their released work, being shown in photos, or granting any interviews at all. Formed in Kharkiv in 2002, the project was begun by Hate Forest and Dark Ages member Roman Saenko (guitars and bass), fellow Hate Forest member and Astrofaes vocalist and keyboardist Thurios, and Lucifugum member Yuriy Sinitsky (drums and keyboards). The band drew some criticism from some quarters for embracing arguably “nationalistic” causes, but… Read more on allmusic.com


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