Ektomorf – Redemption (2010)

Album Review

When faced with the improbable realization that 2011’s Redemption is Ektomorf’s ninth album devoted to some manner of serious Soulfly karaoke, with nary a lawsuit or death threat from Max and Gloria Cavalera, one feels compelled to pause and wonder whether perhaps it’s time to stop bitching about this weird state of affairs and just live and let live. After all, there’s no denying that Ektomorf typically come up with a few pretty decent Soulfly songs every time out, and Redemption is no exception, thanks to infectiously rudimentary chant-alongs (see the title cut and “God Will Cut You Down,” among others) with one combat boot planted in the realm of groove metal and the other in nu metal… Read more on allmusic.com

About the Band

Hungary’s Ektomorf was founded in 1994 by brothers Zoltán (vocals, guitar) and Csaba Farkas (bass), with a view of adapting Sepultura’s raging brand of “world metal” to their own national aesthetic — that is, mid-’90s death metal spiced with Roma, or Gypsy folk music. And with their 1996 debut, Hangok, the young band (then completed by guitarist Mihály Jano and drummer Csaba Ternovan) successfully did just that, although with significantly more modest results than the world-class Brazilians. Slightly better were their eponymous sophomore outing two years later (which saw Jano replaced by Béla Marksteiner on guitar) and 2000’s Kalyi Jag (recorded as a trio), but, come 2002’s I Scream Up to the Sky, Ektomorf (once again bulked… Read more on allmusic.com


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