Equilibrium – Rekreatur (2010)

Album Review

German black/folk metallers Equilibrium have so far provided us with two rather enjoyable, if not very original albums, 2005’s Turis Fratyr and 2008’s Sagas. What made the band stand out next to their contemporaries were their somewhat fresh-sounding melodies, based on traditional pagan melodies rather than the northern ones of influential Scandinavian groups such as Ensiferum. Sagas was a very ambitious effort for the band, but managed to stay enjoyable despite its very long running length. Equilibrium’s newest release Rekreatur, recorded with a new vocalist and drummer, sees the band altering their sound quite significantly from their previous album, something which can logically turn out to be for the good or for the bad… Read more on sputnikmusic.com

About the Band

Originally formed in 2001 with the intention of playing just one show, Germany’s Equilibrium quickly changed their minds and, over time, joined scores of new millennium heavy metal bands (Windir, Turisas, Negura Bunget, Eluveitie, etc.) devoted to penning songs steeped in the cultural traditions, legends, and folklore of their homeland. In Equilibrium’s case, this happens to be the historically significant state of Bavaria — home to the Black Forest, the Brothers Grimm, Oktoberfest…in short, almost limitless regional material with which to populate the group’s symphonic brand of pagan-folk-black metal. This… Read more on allmusic.com



No. Title Translation (from German) Length
1. “In Heiligen Hallen” Inside Holy Halls 6:11
2. “Der Ewige Sieg” The Everlasting Victory 4:16
3. “Verbrannte Erde” Scorched Earth 5:43
4. “Die Affeninsel” The Monkey Island 5:08
5. “Der Wassermann” The Water Man (Sprite) 6:32
6. “Aus Ferner Zeit” From Distant Time 9:21
7. “Fahrtwind” Riding Wind 4:49
8. “Wenn Erdreich Bricht” When the Soil Breaks Apart 6:59
9. “Kurzes Epos” (instrumental) Short Epic 13:02