Jon Oliva’s Pain – Festival (2010)

Album Review

Jon Oliva’s Pain have endured now for some seven years and four albums…and that’s just referring to the band bearing that name, never mind the man’s personal life. And this is mentioned because it is the untimely death of Oliva’s baby brother Criss, all the way back in 1993, that continues to both haunt and fuel his creativity, transforming what at first appeared to be just a project parallel to Savatage (as well as Oliva’s most successful endeavor, Trans-Siberian Orchestra) into a de facto heir apparent — not least stylistically speaking, given Oliva’s ongoing efforts to finish any pieces of music left by his brother while composing lavish progressive heavy metal in his own vision, which is then suitably roughed up by his histrionic vocals… Read more on

About the Band

Jon Oliva’s Pain is a band helmed by the ubiquitous vocalist, keyboardist, guitarist, and composer who originally made his name as the leader of top American heavy metal band Savatage, before enjoying even greater success as one of the masterminds behind the hugely popular holiday music machine, Trans-Siberian Orchestra. But the Tampa, Florida-based Oliva’s proud career achievements were forever spoiled by the tragic death of his younger brother and Savatage band mate, Criss, in a 1993 car crash, leaving Jon to carry on with Savatage alone throughout the 1990s, despite the band’s steadily faltering commercial success. So by 2001… Read more on


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