Mezarkabul – MMXII (2012)

Album Review

If someone asks you “Do you know the band Pentagram?” you will answer yes, probably having in mind the American doomsters. But there is also the Turkish band called Pentagram (aka Mezarkabul) that has a 25 year long history and is one of the most well-known metal bands in our neighboring country.

In 1997 they released the album “Anatolia” which is the album that opened new horizons for the band. They changed from a thrash metal band to a more doom heavy metal band with lots of middle-eastern aesthetics. Then they released one double album in 2001 and 2002 and we haven’t heard anything new from then since. So after ten long years the Turkish pioneers are back with a new album and a new vocalist.

The new album is called “MMXII” (2012 in roman numerals) it is a pretty solid album which shows the lots of things that changed within the band over the last 10 years. First of all the new vocalist is really good. So we can’t say… Read more on

About the Band

Mezarkabul was formed in Bursa in 1986 by guitarist Hakan Utangaç and drummer Cenk Ünnü. In 1987, bassist Tarkan Gözübüyük joined, and they started doing live shows. Their first songs were released in 1990 on the self-titled Pentagram album. In 1992, a second guitarist Demir Demirkan joined the band, as well as a new lead singer, Bartu Toptas, helping Hakan to concentrate on his guitar duties. The new line-up played several gigs until Bartu decided to move back to Sweden. He left the band in March 1992 just when they had started to record the Trail Blazer album. The voice in the beginning of “Secret Missile” is Bartu’s. To fill Bartu’s void, the Mezarkabul members hired vocalist Ogün Sanlısoy. They released their second album Trail Blazer in the same year and enjoyed growing popularity, both in Turkey and across the world. In 1993 guitarist Ümit Yılbar was killed by terrorists on the mountain of Cıraf while he was serving the Turkish army. The remaining members… Read more on


Sample Title/Composer Performer Time
Mezarkabul 5:15
2 Now And Nevermore Mezarkabul 6:01
3 Geçmişin Yükü Mezarkabul 5:04
4 Beyond Insanity Mezarkabul 4:26
5 Doğmadan Önce Mezarkabul 5:51
6 Wasteland Mezarkabul 5:56
7 It’s Dawn Again Mezarkabul 4:34
8 Disturbing The Peace Mezarkabul 4:16
9 Uzakta Mezarkabul 5:07
10 Apokalips Mezarkabul 6:23