Nightwish – End of an Era (2006)

Album Review

There’s an element of Zen that’s involved when listening to Nightwish — you don’t question the pageantry or analyze the music; you just let go and enjoy the experience. Perhaps it’s no surprise then that End of an Era beings with “Red Warrior” from The Last Samurai booming over arena speakers while thousands of fans roar their approval. It’s a dramatic introduction for a band that specializes in theatrics, all of which are captured on the album. There’s the crowd, the blast of pyrotechnics, the echo of the music filling a cavernous arena. Recording a band this layered (Guitars! Drums! Vocals! Keyboards! Backing tracks!) in a setting like this is always a risky venture, but the sound quality on End of an Era is exceptional; it manages to capture the vastness of both the venue and the act without being marred by reverberation or uneven tone. Vocalists Tarja Turunen and… Read more on


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