Queensrÿche – Dedicated to Chaos (2011)

Album Review

At first glance, the title of Queensrÿche’s eleventh studio album, Dedicated to Chaos, seems strangely at odds with the track record of one of heavy metal’s most cerebral and civilized bands; but, on second thought, it’s actually a perfect summation of the Seattle group’s uninterrupted musical evolution from album to album throughout its storied career, frequently to the chagrin of its loyal fans. Ironically, though, even the band’s single, obvious attempt at repeating itself via 2006’s Operation: Mindcrime II arguably upset more fans than not, so what does that say about Queensrÿche’s chances of remaining a vital, relevant musical entity instead of geriatric participants in the heavy rock nostalgia circuit inhabited by most other veteran outfits of their pedigree? Clearly not much, if not even long-term supporters appear willing to respect, never mind appreciate, each ‘Rÿche album’s quest for individuality… Read more on allmusic.com

About the Band

Although they were initially grouped with the legions of pop-metal bands that dominated the American heavy metal scene of the ’80s, Queensrÿche were one of the most distinctive bands of the era. Where their contemporaries built on the legacy of Van Halen, Aerosmith, and Kiss, Queensrÿche constructed a progressive form of heavy metal that drew equally from the guitar pyrotechnics of post-Van Halen metal and ’70s art rock, most notably Pink Floyd and Queen. After releasing a handful of ignored albums, the… Read more on allmusic.com


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