Raven – Walk Through Fire (2010)

Album Review

Raven have certainly had their creative ups and downs over the years. After showing great promise in the beginning, things took a turn for the worse when they signed with Atlantic in the mid-’80s and followed the label’s advice to go in a much slicker, glossier direction. What worked well for pop-metal bands and hair bands didn’t work nearly as well for Raven on commercial discs like 1985’s Stay Hard and 1986’s The Pack Is Back. But eventually, Raven got back on track and returned to the balls-to-the-wall approach that put them on the map. Walk Through Fire, in fact, finds Raven’s 2010 lineup (John Gallagher on lead vocals and bass… Read more on allmusic.com

About the Band

Raven were considered one of the brightest hopes in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, but bad decisions and musical inconsistency would de-rail their once-promising career, turning the trio into just another small — albeit important — footnote for this important genre.

Raven formed in late 70’s Newcastle, England by brothers Mark (guitar) and John Gallagher (bass/vocals) along with drummer Rob “Wacko” Hunter. Signing with independent Neat Records, the trio joined labelmates Venom in laying the groundwork for what would become known as thrash metal by picking up where ’70s noisemonger… Read more on allmusic.com


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