Starkweather – This Sheltering Night (2010)

Album Review

This Sheltering Night is a studio album released by American rock band Starkweather. The album was released on May 25, 2010 through Deathwish Inc.. The album is the result of several recording sessions, beginning with some unreleased songs from Starkweather’s recording sessions from their 2005 album, Croatian. The opening track “Epiphany” dates back to live performances in… Read more on

About the Band

Starkweather is a metal band from Philadelphia, United States that formed in 1989. Starkweather helped pioneer the hardcore/heavy metal crossover sound that would later be known as “metalcore”. They have influenced many of today’s top selling hardcore/metal bands. The name Starkweather is taken from Charles Starkweather, a late 1950s spree killer… Read more on


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